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Parallettes training happens to be one of the most efficient forms of exercising the body. Join the movement and try parallette training today.  

The parallette bars are fast becoming an essential piece of fitness equipment that can build muscle, improve core strength and help with your fitness goals.

You might not see people at the gyms using it often, but for the few that are aware of its outstanding advantages it offers, they sure stick to it as their choice of training equipment.

Planche on Ramass Parallettes
Maltese on Ramass Parallettes
One arm handstand on Ramass Dip Bars
Dips on Ramass Fitness Dip Bar
Ramass As featured in muscle and health magazine

The Two Calisthenics Moves You Should Master

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Ramass Fitness to take you through the fundamentals of the V-Sit and L-Sit. Both look impressive and take immense core strength, whilst challenging the upper-body to its limits.

One of the most basic but essential core calisthenics exercises is the L-Sit. The V-Sit is an advanced variation of it that requires the legs to go higher. These exercises are not only great for the core, but also an effective way to train your hip flexors. In order to lift your legs into a 90° position or higher, you must have a midsection strong enough to be able to correctly execute the movement.

These exercises are great for any beginner who wants to learn how to L-Sit!

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RAMASS Fitness Calisthenics World Cup

RAMASS Fitness supporting Calisthenics around the world!

Street workout / Calisthenics World Cup stage in Kanab, Utah, USA  - 2021

Amazing location with exceptional views, strongest athletes.

2 days competition was one to remember. 

Check this video made by West Coast Warriorz

Big thank you to Kenguru PRO and WSWCF for organizing the event!



Lets grow this sport together:  If you organizing the event and looking for the sponsors, send us the email to


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The brand which gives back!

The brand which gives back!

We are thankful to everyone for supporting us, and supporting athletes and sponsoring events is our way to give back.

Big love from RAMASS Fitness team!
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