RAMASS Fitness Medium Parallettes

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        • STABILITY IS KEY: Our parallette bars are specially designed to give you maximum stability. No wobbling = safer training. Comes with new type unslippery rubber end caps. Can be used on any surface (carpet, wooden floors, tiles, outdoors).
        • IDEAL FOR Calisthenics style exercises, the comfortable 4cm (1.57") diameter bar reduce strain and allows longer workouts.
        • Length 45cm x Height 30cm x Width 30cm (12"x24"). Made of Steel, heavy duty, perfect for commercial fitness centres and home gym of any size.
        • SIMPLE TO USE - easy to assemble, no additional tools required.
        • PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: Our parallettes are designed and made to last. In fact, we GUARANTEE their performance. If anything happens to your parallette set in the first 10 years of use, just let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund or a full replacement.


        RAMASS Fitness Parallettes


        • Parallettes training happens to be one of the most efficient forms of exercising the body.
        • Join the movement and try parallette training today.
        • The parallette bars are fast becoming an essential piece of fitness equipment that can build muscle, improve core strength and help with your fitness goals.


        The new 12" tall steel Parallettes from RAMASS Fitness bring modern height and exercise versatility to parallette design.

        Ideal for anyone training Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Street workout, Strength Training or even someone simply wanting to gain some functional strength. Parrallettes can also be dismantled and packed flat making them very easy to store away or take with you on your travels.

        Start your workouts and make progress on exercises such as L-sit, Push Ups, Handstand, Planches and so on.



        • Length: 45cm
        • Hight: 30cm
        • Max recommended load: 200kg



        RAMASS Fitness Parallette bars are designed so that you do not need to bend bars ( vs rounded parallettes) in process of making them. Straight bars allows parallettes to have perfect angles and sit even on the surface. No wobbling = safer training