The brand which gives back!

The brand which gives back!


Calisthenics is the sport we fell in love with at first sight. This was something new, like magic. If you ever been to a calisthenics competition, you will know what it feels like.

The moves, the people, it does catch your attention, and you want more and more of it.

When professionals do the freestyle routine or the statics, it looks flawless, so easy, like a bird flying. You feel like you want o try it. You did a bit of fitness, maybe a bit of weightlifting, and you are confident you can do it yourself... you try and you fail. That's when you realize how much power and strength you actually need you do calisthenics.

The whole calisthenics community, (we personally call it a family), it's a huge inspiration and keeps inspiring us every day.

Since day one, we knew that we want to be a part of this, and furthermore to make an impact. From early days, we made the decision, that we not only gonna offer the best equipment, but we will support the athletes and organizations, to help build and promote the sport we all love.

We are thankful to everyone for supporting us, and supporting athletes and sponsoring events is our way to give back.

Big love from RAMASS Fitness team!